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Breasted: 1. Cairo Museum. Very complete carpenter shops with three figures: at one end a standing man with knees slightly bent, and body and left leg forward, is sawing a board from an upright beam with his left hand; the bronze saw is still in position, but its handle lies at the man's feet. At one side is a rod for tightening the cords around the beam; this was an Egyptian practice when sawing. In the middle, a seated man operates a bow drill, holding the cap for the drill in his left hand, and the how in his right. At the other end of the model a seated man is fashioning a head rest with an adze held in the right hand.
From Sakkara, tomb of Karenen. Tenth dynasty. Length: 4.2 cm. Quibell, Excav. at Saq. (1906-7), Pl. XVII, 4, text, pp. 10, 75
From Global Egyptian Museum: --
Three carpenters, working for the noble Karenen, occupy a small workshop and are busy in woodworking of various kinds.
One of the workmen is using a long saw to cut planks from a beam attached vertically to a pole. Another is cutting wood with an adze, a tool with a thin arched blade at right angles to the handle. A third workman is using a tool with a rope to perforate the wood.
In the corner of the workshop stands a big chest in which the carpenters have stored their stock of axes, adzes, reserve blades, and saws.
length=42.5 cm.
Late 11th to early 12th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 56.
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 39129
Breasted Classification
III-2-2 INDUSTRIES: CRAFTSMEN AND SHOPS - Shops for Craftsmen Who Worked in Clay, Wood, Stone, and Metal. - Model carpenter shops.
Length 42.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , III-2-2 1.
Quibell-1908 , Pl. XVII, 4, text, pp. 10, 75
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Tooley-1989 , p. 56
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