Burial of pAxt-m-HAt

Site: Sheikh Ibada, Tomb: C


Tomb C was about 100 m. from Tomb A. It was intact but had partly decayed. The owner was identified from inscriptions on the coffin. Gayet (1902) p. 45 described what was found with the coffin:
"What remains of the funerary furniture consists of a box of replica canopic jars, the usual vases being replaced by four massive, rough limestone pots. On the lid of the box [was an inscription ]. Next to it were a few statuettes representing the servants of the tomb estate. A figurine of the fields of the funeral domain, a basket on her head, a bird in her hand (Pl. XIX); that of a slave, draped in a cloth coat. The rest were too worm-eaten to be specified. A varnished bronze mirror was in the hands of the dead woman. Bedside tables and sandals, for the way to the beyond, completed this furniture."
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