Burial of Mr-SnT and another

Site: Sheikh Ibada, Tomb: Tomb A


Tomb A, contained two burials:

The sarcophagus [of Mer-Khent [Mr-SnT]], seven centimeters thick, affects the shape of the rectangular coffins of Dynasty XIIth. [...] A second sarcophagus, entirely worm-eaten, was next to that of Mer-Khent [...] Surrounding these two coffins were two boats with their rowing crews, a model of a house, and painted wooden figurines representing the servants of the dead, busy with the demands of the life of the double (ka). Some kneaders prepare bread; other maidservants prepare cakes; slaves carry bags of wheat or skins, suspended from the ends of a stick; cooks are at their stoves; others prepare food on logs; a herdsman leads his animal to the fields, followed by a ploughman, his hoe on his shoulder; then two farmers harrow on the upturned furrows. Then two farmers harrow the furrows with a stick with a collar, so that the blow penetrates everywhere at the same depth.

At the level of the second coffin was a similar group of servants; a model house, where, on the railing, a seated scribe was bringing the sacks of grain into the granaries, and a funerary boat. In each of the two grain stores were a bronze mirror, two bedside tables, two pairs of sandals and sticks.

Finally, drawn around the coffin of Mer-Khent, was a collection of vases of offerings, and  a basket; on its lid was placed leg of beef.

Gayet 1902, pp 40-41

It seems that the only two models that can be identified as belonging to specific burials are the two granaries

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