Burial of Mry-ra-xa-St.f

Site: Sedment, Tomb:


The burial chamber was about 40 feet down a shaft dug in an existing courtyard.Petrie-etal-1924, pp. 2-4:
Though quite undisturbed, there was nothing there beyond the skeleton in an inscribed coffin (xii), and an alabaster head-rest (xi). At about ten feet down in the filling of the shaft, against the south side, facing north, were three ebony statuettes of the same man at different ages, a rough statuette of a woman [...]

Three groups of servants accompanied these statuettes. [ description of the models] It is noticeable that the servants are all clothed, while the figures of the deceased are all nude, which is rarely the case in Egypt. [...]In the funeral chamber, below these figures, there was [an] alabaster head-rest

Models were often found secreted in a cavity in the burial shaft or similar place, for example the famous models of Meketre

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