Burial of Nekhetkawi

Site: Sedment, Tomb:


Petrie "cleared" the cemetery, he describes the contents of those burials where something had survived.

Petrie-etal-1924, pp.12-13:

2127 was the burial of a certain Nekht-kauy (pls. xxiv—xxv). We found the greater part of both outer and inner coffins, the lids only having been damaged badly. The coffins had been broken open at the south end and the body dragged out for robbing. [...] They are similar in subject to the decorated coffin of Khenty-khety, but very much inferior in style. [...] On the top of the inner coffin we found lying 2 bows, 3 arrows, and 2 sticks, all models. Between the two coffins was a rough wooden box containing the model tools. They consisted of axe, adze, saw, drill, borer, and a bent stick. Inside the coffin with the bones were the head-rest, painted yellow (pl. xxi, 18), a few of the blue glaze collar beads, and a pair of wooden sandals; also two more arrows and two more sticks, models, which had probably fallen in from above the lid. The full set of models, with the ka figure, were in position in a slight recess on the east. They were of fair quality, but partly eaten by white ants. To the north stood the ka figure: next came the domestic scene and porters, side by side; then the granary; finally the two boats, also side by side, but with the bows in the right direction. In position at the north end of the grave were three pots, type 84 B; while in the filling of the shaft were some 35 pots of various types, for which see register.
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