Burial of Mertetes

Site: Sedment, Tomb: 2112


Petrie "cleared" the cemetery, he describes the contents of those burials where something had survived.

Petrie-etal-1924, p. 12:

2112 was the grave of a woman named Mertetes, the name being written with the mer and s in some cases reversed. The outer coffin remained, but in bad condition and without lid, size 28.5xS7X31, wood 3.5 inches thick. In a recess on the east, however, the set of 5 models and ka statue remained intact. The two boats were in the usual direction, with the row-boat to the north and the sailing boat to the south. The pottery was in the north-east corner. Inside the coffin was the burial of a child in reeds, with pots characteristic of the XVIIIth dynasty. There were graves of this time to the west of the cemetery, and other tombs of the IXth dynasty had been re- used. The inscriptions round the coffin name Osiris, lord of Daddu, the great god, lord of Abydos, on the east side; and Anubis, on his hill, Amiut, lord of Ta-zeser, on the west side.

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