Burial of Ipyankhu (coffin B)

Site: Saqqara, Tomb: HMK26


The burial chamber contained three coffins, labelled A, B, C by the excavators. The centre coffin C is much later (late M. K.) than the other two, which were both found to contain individuals called Ipyankhu.

Coffin had originally had a heavy outside coffin had almost disappeared owing to decay. The inner coffin was covered with columns of text in cursive hieroglyphs. The burial was on its left side, head N. (fig. 54). The canopic box of coffin A stood on it top of coffin B, having possibly been placed in this position when the third burial C was made.

The following figures and models were found with Coffin B.

  • Four boats on coffin and on floor, all much decayed.
  • scribe probably from a granary; writing board with amounts of grain.
  • Man carrying a grain measure.
  • Four female offering bearers.
  • Male offering bearer.

See Firth-Gunn-1926a

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