Burial of st-kA

Site: Qubbet el-Hawa, Tomb: 98


E. A. W. Budge, Excavations made at Aswan by Major-General Sir F. Grenfell during the years 1885 and 1886.
Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology. 1st November, 1887. pp. 4-40
Ten feet to the south a second pit was found into which no sand had intruded, and which seemed to be intact. Here, in the centre of the chamber, was a well made mummy in a black painted but uninscribed case. On the top of the coffin two boats, with oars and masts, and pilots at bow and stern, were found in perfect order ; in one was a canopy under which was a seated figure. I am glad to be able to say that one of these boats is to be presented to the British Museum, and will arrive in England shortly.

At the head of the coffin was a square box which contained the model of a granary. This contains several compartments filled with grain, and over the door of each is an inscription ; on the floor of the granary stands a man holding a basket. Some alabaster jars and about 300 earthenware pots were also found. The three pillars in the tomb are decorated with figures of the deceased wearing a leopard skin, and all the walls of the tombs have inscriptions upon them.

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