Burial of Djehuty

Site: Lisht, Tomb: Djehuty


In clearing the passage formed by the wall which inclosed this mastabah [of Djehuty] we came across one of the surprises of the season, for set in a hollow in the floor of this narrow court were three of the wooden models which were so much in favor in the Middle Kingdom (fig. 17).

One is a domestic model with three rooms and four grain bins. In the first room the grain is brought in and registered by a scribe, the bearers walking up a staircase to dump their loads into the bins. In another the baking of bread is in progress and in the third the brewing of beer. The model represents all that happens to grain from the time it is threshed to the time the finished product is ready to be consumed (fig. 16).

[The other two models were of funerary boats.]

Adapted from Lansing, 1933

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