Burial of BwAw

Site: Deir el-Bahri, Tomb:


Tooley p.33: Pit 28 belonged to the imy-r pr, imy-r Snwty, imy-r ipt, sDAwty-bity, smr-waty, mnTw-Htp/bwAw (Naville 1896, 3-4). The intact group included a granary (JE 31345. Winlock 1947, 43), a combined baker-brewer-butcher (JE 31346. 1947, 43), 2 boats (CG 4909-4910. 1947, 43; Reisner 1913, 63-6, XV-XVI) and 2 pairs of offering-bearers (JE 31349-31350. 1947, 43). The Htp-di-nsw formula is 11 dyn. and the model types, especially the heads compare with those from pit 3.
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