Burial of Mentuhotep

Site: Deir el-Bahri, Tomb:


Adapted from http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grab_des_Mentuhotep

The burial of the Mentuhotep was found in a small chamber on the bottom of a shaft. In the middle of the chamber stood three interlocking wooden coffins, typical of the Middle Kingdom. The coffins are decorated on the outside with a painted palace facade and on the inside show friezes with the depiction of devices, lists of victims, but also numerous coffin texts. [1] A special feature is the outer coffin (lost in World War II). Its lid is slanted, imitating a per-who's shrine.

Around the coffin were model figures made of wood, which are typical for burials of the early Middle Kingdom. There were mainly two model ships [2] and female offerers. In the innermost coffin there was also a small wooden statue that shows Mentuhotep. [3] Various ceramic vessels, a headrest and two rods were found.

Passalacqua-1826 pl III

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