Burial of Antef

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb: I


Burial of Antef, Semer uarti, pp. 54-65.

Garstang inventory list

i. Sailing boat with canopy. Fig. 46 and Frontispiece. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
ii. Rowing boat. Fig. 45. (MacGr. Coll.)
iii. Baking scene. Fig.51. (MacGr. Coll)
iv. Figure of bull following man. Fig.48. (MacGr. Coll.)
v. Small brewing scene. Fig.50. (MacGr. Coll.)
      cattle husbandry
vi. Four sandals. Fig.49. (MacGr. Coll. and Liv. Inst. Arch.)
vii. Two head rests. Fig. 49. (MacGr. Coll. and Liv. Inst. Arch.)
viii. Figure of girl carrying basket and two geese. Fig. 47. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
      offering bearer
ix. Model of granary. Fig.44. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
x. Coffin with formulae. (Pl. vii.) (MacGr. Coll.)

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