Burial of Nefera and Aryt-hetep

Site: , Tomb: BH 81


Burial of Nefera and Aryt-hetep. (Pl. vii.)

Garstang inventory list

i. Faience dish, 7.8 cms., with lotus pattern. (MacGr. Coll)
ii. Three figures: Man with sack on back (from granary), steering man (from boat), figure of woman (from baking scene).
iii. Part of head rest of six pedestals. (Like Fig. 112.)
iv. Remnants of granary, including scribe with hieratic writing on palette. Fig. 92. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
v. Fragments of coffin inscribed with texts.
vi. Wooden model of four goblets on stand.
vii. Wooden figure like a Shabti. Fig 92.
Pottery, Types I, 4 (small), 9, 13, 15, 17, 19, 26, 32, 42, 45 decorated Fig. 140.

      fragments granary scribe

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