Burial of Khnem-Nekhta

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb:


Burial of Tombs of Khnem-nekhta (K) and Neter-nekhta (N) (found undisturbed). Figs. 80, 81, 82, and pp. 89-100. (Now re-arranged in the Museum at Cairo.)

[from Garstang.]

Garstang inventory list

i. Sacrifice group, six figures, including two females standing, one with fan and vase, other with basket and vase. Fig. 84. (N)
      baking brewing butchery combination (ascribed by Garstang to Neter-Nekhta).
ii. Group of bakery and sacrifice, five figures. Fig. 84. (K)
      baking brewing butchery combination (ascribed by Garstang Khnem-Nekhta)
iii. Two female figures, one with basket in hand, other basket on head. Fig.85 (K)
      pair of offering bearers (Garstang unable to determine to which burial this belonged)
iv. Sailing boat, eight figures and canopy. Fig. 86.
v. Rowing boat, twelve figures. Fig. 87
vi. Rowing boat, twenty figures, spears and shields. Fig. 88.
vii. Sailing boat, seven figures and canopy. Fig. 89.
viii. Rowing boat, twenty-three figures. Fig.163
ix. Granary with four figures; granary with four figures and one decayed. Fig. 90. (N) + (K)
      granary (ascribed by Garstang to Khnem-Nekhta)
      granary (ascribed by Garstang to Neter-Nekhta)
x. Sandals. Fig. 80.
xi. One small canopic box, with four masks inside. Fig. 83.
xii. Coffin of Khnem-Nekhta. Fig. 167.
xiii. Smaller coffin of Khnem-Nekhta.
xiv. Large coffin of Neter-Nekhta. (Ash. Mus.)
xv. Small coffin of Neter-Nekhta.
b. Coffins of Khnem-hetep and of Khety-a (Munich Museum), in upper chamber (disturbed).

Pottery, Type 16.

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