Burial of Thaay

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb: BH 275


Tomb BH275 of the smr-waty, imy-r pr, TAAy (Garstang 1904b, 221; 1907a, 221) contained the largest group of models in the Beni Hasan necropolis. The intact burial consisted of a man feeding a couchant ox (Edin. 1914.74. 1907a, 126, fig. 123; Breasted 1948, 9), a bakery (plate 48:1. Bristol H4596. Garstang 1907a, 221; Breasted 1948, 38), brewers (Garstang 1907a, 221), a male porter carrying a haunch of beef (Edin. 1914.73. 1907a, fig. 95; Breasted 1948, 59), a water carrier (plate 47:2. Garstang 1907a, 2~1), a torch carrier? (plate 47:1. 1907a, 221), a scribe with his palette under his arm (plate 47:2. 1907a, fig. 95), brick makers (BM 63837. 1907a, 131, fig. 129; Breasted 1948, 52), spinners and weavers (plate 47:1. Garstang 1907a, 221), a leather worker? (1907a, 131, fig. 129; Breasted 1948, 52), sailing boat (Bristol H4595), rowing boat (Hull NN. Garstang 1907a, 221), a granary (1907a, 221) and a naked offering-bearer (Cairo. 1907a, 221). All the models except the offering-bearer were placed on the coffin lid (SAOS neg. B507). The tomb contained in addition, 4 globular jars and 2 dishes of early 11 dyn. types (el-Tarif style). The funerary mask has been dated FIP to Senwosret I (Rogge 1986, 98) and early 11 dyn. (Bourriau 1988, 89 no. 69).
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