Burial of Za'ay

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb:


Burial of Za'ay.

Garstang inventory list

i. Numerous remains of model boats, brewery, and sacrifice, granary.
ii. Remains of war boat, with model shield, etc.
iii. Pulley block, model.
iv. Blue glazed beads, three ball shaped, a number small, two bar shaped, and a pendant, probably from a collar like Fig. Io.
v. Flint knife.
vi. Remains of wooden coffin.
Pottery, Types 1 (two), 4 (small one), 6 (one), 9 (two), 15 (three), 24 (two), 26 (eight), 32 (one), 37 (three), 39 (two), 41 (one).

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