Burial of Thaui

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb: BH 186


Garstang inventory list

Burial of Nefwa*. (Pl. vii.). pp. 79-89. good name: Mehti-em-hat.
i. Group of nine model implements.
ii. Two sandals. Figs. 71, 78.
iii. Fluted head rest. Fig. 78.
iv. War boat with armoured canopy and sail, black soldier with bow and arrow, and two officers playing draughts. Fig. 142. (Ash. Mus.)
v. Sailing boat with sail and canopy. Eight figures. Fig. 72. (Cairo Mus.)
vi. Rowing boat. Twelve figures. Fig 74
vii. Rowing and sailing boat. Fig. 73 (Cairo Mus.)
viii. Sail of boat.
ix. Cartonage. Fig. 79. (Cairo Mus.)
x. Model of girl (basket on bead and two birds in hand). Fig. 77 (Cairo Mus.)
      offering bearer
xi. Smaller figure of girl-same as above. Fig. 77. (Cairo Mus.)
      offering bearer
xii. Model of granary with five figures. Fig. 76. (Cairo Mus.)
xiii. Combined scene-baking, sacrifice, brewing. Eight figures. Fig. 75 (Cairo Mus.)
      baking brewing butchery combination
xiv. Canopic box. Fig. 185. (Cairo Mus.)
Pottery, Four dishes.
* Deceased's name is now identified as "Thuai"

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