Burial of Harshefhotp I

Site: Abusir, Tomb:


Abusir tomb MR6 of the mty-n-sA, HqA-Hwt ny-wsr-ra-mn-iswt, hri-S.f-Htp I is generally regarded as FIP (Schafer 1908, 42-80; Porter and Moss 1931, 81; 1974, 346; Rogge 1986, 31).

The models were piled at the northern end of the chamber and consisted of a granary, a combined kitchen-baker-butcher (Leipzig 34. Schafer 1908, 65, Abb.97-100; Breasted 1948, 45; Krauspe 1976, 31 no.46/ 2), 4 boats and an offerer

Pottery ... and the htp-di-nsw formula are of the 11 dyn

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