Middle Kingdom Tomb Models

Model of a File of Offering Bearers (Berlin Museum)

Models Database

This site is a repository of information about MK tomb models. It deals with the wooden tomb models of the First Intermediate Period and early Middle Kingdom, concentrating on the "models of daily life". At present model boats are excluded.

An important part of this project is a database of information about individual models. This is very much a work in progress that will take time to complete. Listings generated from the database can be viewed from the home page.

For the information sources from which the database has been created see the information sources page.

The History of Models

Tomb models first appeared in the Old Kingdom (6th Dynasty). They developed into a major item of tomb equipment in the 1st Intermediate Period and the early Middle Kingdom . The eventual successors to these models were the shabti figures, familiar from the New Kingdom.

Learning about models

An excellent introduction to the models made by the ancient Egyptians is Scott Freeman's article in Tour Egypt. If you find that interesting, then read Angela Tooley's book Egyptian Models and Scenes , in the Shire Egyptology series. For more information see the information sources page.