Sheikh Farag Tomb SF 132


GA Reisner, JEA 6(1920) pp. 117-8 : The grave S.F. 132 on the southern bluff ("25") was of a type very common before the Twelfth Dynasty. A sloping descent, 325 cm. long, led to a rock-cut chamber about 300 cm. square, which served as a burial-chamber. The roof was broken down and the interior had been plundered. Among the rubbish near the floor there were a few beads, a small alabaster jar, this statuette of a harper, and several pottery vessels, namnely a tall pot-stand, a small globular pot, and a tall hes-vase, all of ordinary red ware. The pottery was earlier in date than that of S.F. 217 (Amenemmes III). In my judgment it is previous in date to the Twelfth Dynasty.