Dahshur Tomb Mastaba 24 Spy


De Morgan's excavations encompassed two groups of mastabas: The group of mastabas of the era of Snefru, situated near the pyramid of Usertesen III consists of monuments built of stone, while further south, near the tomb of Amenemhat II, we find only the mastabas of brick. (p. 2). No. 24 was one of the second group.

Mastaba 24

(Adapted from De Morgan Fouilles a Dahchour, 1894-95, 1903 pp. 18-21)

From the entrance a narrow corridor leads to the main hall which contains two stelae. Three shafts are behind the stelae. To the west of this is another construction attached to the first. It contains a shaft and three rooms, including two that are almost certainly serdabs.

The mastaba had been robbed, however the roof of one of the serdabs had collapsed before the robbery took place, and a number of statuettes were found beneath the rubble. Some of these were inscribed, revealing the name of the tomb's principal owner to be "Spy".

Catalogue of statuettes:

  1. A kneeling baker kneading dough. CG 504
  2. A rower.
  3. Kneeling figure.
  4. A woman carrying a trunk on her head. [NB. de Morgan's fig. 47 shows feet present] CG 510
  5. Similar figure to (4). [NB. from Borchardt - left foot and right leg are missing from CG 509 ] CG 509
  6. Seated figure, arms at your sides, hands rested on his knees.
  7. A man standing with feet together, arms hanging.
  8. Similar statuette.
  9. Group consists of six statuettes. They are men in wigs advancing in single file. CG 511
  10. Similar group which was to consist of five statues draped. Three remained in place. CG 512
  11. Headless statue of a seated man, hands on knees.
  12. A man walks, arms hanging.
  13. Similar figure draped in a cloth.
  14. Similar figure.
  15. Similar figure.
  16. Large seated statue, very mouldy.
  17. Statuette representing the owner striding, arms hanging.
  18. The owner stands, feet together, arms drooping.
  19. A man, standing, walking with her arms hanging.
  20. Man wearing a headband and dressed to the great shenti triangular apron.
  21. Head of a statuette bearing the fluted wig.
  22. Similar head.
  23. Person standing with feet together, arms hanging down, fists clenched.
  24. Two similar figures, fluted wig.
  25. Similar figure, mutilated.
  26. A fully naked man walking by guiding a stick.
  27. A man walking.
  28. Six similar figures.
  29. Two fragments of statuettes.
  30. Seated figure.