Model Type
combination: baking / brewing
Breasted: 11. ... from Limoges, Musee Municipal de l'Evêché (Pl. 39b, one shown). Twelfth dynasty. Each has five figures engaged in usual tasks.
From Meir. Excavations of M. and Madame Périchon -Bey. Delpech-Laborie, Guide-Catalogue Sommaire, Pl. XIII, text, p. 53.
[NB: Breasted mentions "Two examples from Limoges" but I can only find evidence of one ..]
Note: Breasted's photograph seems to lack the two seated women on the right-hand corner, which are present in both the 1939 guide and the illustration on the website (no longer live)
Guide-CatSom (p 53): l. 30cm w. 20cm ht. 25cm (gives date as FIP).
12 dyn
Ref. for dating
Breasted p. 39
Musée Municipal de l'Evêché, Limoges
Accession number
Breasted Classification
II-4-1 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Model Scenes of Baking, Brewing, and Slaughtering. - Baking and brewing in same house or room.
Length 30 cm Width 20 cm ht. 25 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , II-4-1 11 Pl. 39b, one shown
Delpech-Laborie-1939 , Pl. XIII, text, p. 53
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