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cattle husbandry
Garstang Inventory: iv. Figure of bull following man.
Breasted -- 1. Cairo Museum. Eleventh dynasty. Man precedes animal, apparently leading it by rope held in right hand. Man wears wig and short white skirt; his feet are bare. Animal has straight, rather long horns and white hide with black spots; its feet are contrary to nature in their position; two feet on one side should be fairly close together but as represented, the bull is 'pacing'. His neck is. stretched out as though he moved unwillingly.
From tomb of Antef, No. 1, at Beni Hasan. Length 41 cm. Cf. Garstang, op. cit., fig. 48, p. 62.
Beni Hasan
Tomb I
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
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Breasted Classification
I-2-5 PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Cattle-breeding Scenes. - Man leading an ox or bull.
Length 41 cm
References (Bibliography)
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