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Breasted -- 6. London, British Museum, [51091 - Breasted has 51090 by mistake] (Pl. 3b). Excellently preserved example: two oxen, with long horns, drawing plow with two handles held in the hands of the single figure. Man wears short cloth skirt and wig. His feet and those of the oxen are indicated. Even the binding, holding together the shaft and the plowshare, is preserved.
Provenance not stated. Cf. Ranke, Art of Ancient Egypt, Pl. 80
British Museum , London
Accession number
EA 51091
Breasted Classification
I-1-2 PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Agricultural Scenes. - Man or men plowing.
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , I-1-2 6, Pl. 3b
Ranke-1936 , Pl. 80
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