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GlobalEgMus: -- This model of a granary was discovered in a tomb of Antinoopolis during the excavations of A. Gayet. It consists of a square "space" with a small door. Three people are depicted: two servants, one seated and the other standing, are handling a large pot containing grain; they are being inspected by a crouching scribe who is taking stock. All the figurines are of rather average work.
Adapted from Ombres d'Egypte (p. 86): Model of granary - Stucco and painted Wood
H: 20.7cm. L: 25.5cm. B: 24.8cm - Antinoopolis (excavations of A, Gayet) - MK - 12 dyn.
Although the four points at the top of the angles formed by the walls have been damaged, it is recognizable as the characteristic compound of a grain silo.. A swinging door opens onto a courtyard bordered by three bins placed side by side. We see painted traps designed to collect the grain. The scribe, leaning against a corner on the flat roof covering the silos, is identifiable by his squatting pose and the writing-board on his knees: he records and counts the number of bags of stored grains. It is more difficult to define the action of two other characters in the yard, one standing. near the door, the other seated, facing a container.
Sheikh Ibada
Tomb A
FIP to Senwosret I
Ref. for dating
Tooley p. 115
Musées Royaux d`Art et d`Histoire , Brussels
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Length 25.5 cm B 24.8 cm
References (Bibliography)
Tooley-1989 , pp. 24,101, Ill. 18:2
Warmenbol-1999 , p. 86, Cat Num 66
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