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Breasted -- 2. New York, Metropolitan Museum, 20.3.10 (Pl. 34c). Eleventh dynasty. Slaughter house: scene of slaughter of two oxen takes place in columned hall two stories high, one wall of which is lower to let in light and air. A goose is being plucked. Blood puddings are being made in corner over fires fanned by two men. Work is superintended by clerk and overseer, each with baton in hand. Clerk has pen case and papyrus roll. joints of beef hang on line on balcony in back. From court three doors lead into chamber or rooms below balcony. Stairway leads to balcony.
From tomb of Meketre, Deir el Bahari. Length: 76.8 cm. Winlock, MMA Bull., Dec., 1920, pt. II, p. 26, fig. 10, p. 20.
Note: the model is usually shown with its roof removed. Originally it is totally covered by a flat roof
TT280 - Meketre
Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York
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Breasted Classification
II-3-2 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Men Butchering Cattle and Preparing Meat. - Model scenes of servants slaughtering animals and preparing meat.
Length 76.8 cm
References (Bibliography)
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