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animal husbandry
Breasted: 1. New York, Metropolitan Museum, 20.3.9.(Pl. 5b). Eleventh dynasty. In inner room, four oxen are eating as they stand in front of manger. Two are horned, the other two hornless. One of latter is between tan and brown; next to him is a black and white animal; the third is pure black, and the last black and white. In outer room, which has entrance door, one tan-brown ox stands, and another, which is black, lies in a fashion slightly deviating from strict frontality. In front of each sits a man, who feeds each by hand. The lying animal appears to have eaten its fill. An overseer or guard watches over the door.
From tomb of Meketre at Deir el Bahari. Length: 72.8 cm. Winlock, MMA Bull., Dec., 1920, pt. II, fig. 11, pp. 21, 26.
MMA Website: l. 72.5 cm (28 9/16 in); w. 57 cm (22 7/16 in); h. 28.5 cm (11 1/4 in)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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Breasted Classification
I-2-6 PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Cattle-breeding Scenes. - Stable for cattle.
Length 72.5 cm Width 57 cm Height 28.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
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