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combination: baking / brewing
Breasted: 5. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 04.1782. Eleventh dynasty. Activities same as in No. 3 above [JE 45497]. The oven is a little higher, and is painted alternately black and red, the little projections being black on their ends and the spaces between them red. As considerable colour remains the following are noted: flesh of two grinding women and seated woman tending oven, rim of sieve, tallest jar and water jars on yoke, yellow; flesh of men, all the other jars or vats, peg on one side of grinding trough, red; headdress, edges of eyes, pupils and brows, black; top surface of sieve, sides of grinding trough, top of small vats, upper surface and sides of base, and sclerotic of eyes, white.
From Asyat, tomb No. 14 (of Wepwautemhet). Width: 33 cm.; length: 53 cm. Chassinat, op. cit., Pl. XXXIV, 1 and 3, text, p. 164; MFA Bull., April, 1905, p. 13.
No. 14
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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Breasted Classification
II-2-4 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - The Manufacture of Beer. - Model brewing scenes.
Width 33 cm Length 53 cm
References (Bibliography)
BMFA-1905 , p. 13
BreastedJnr-1948 , II-2-4 5.
Chassinat-etal-1911 , Pl. XXXIV, 1 and 3, text, p. 164
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