Model Type
Breasted -- 2. Chicago, Oriental Institute, 11494 (Pl. 9d). Intermediate period. The six figures are badly out of scale with the building: a seated clerk records each sack of grain as it is dumped into the bin. Two standing figures are dumping sacks of grain; another figure leans over a container. Two standing figures are opposite the clerk; one of these held a set of model tools in his hand.
From Sedment, tomb No. 2105. Ninth dynasty. Length: 25 cm.; width. 21.2 cm.; height: 18.7 cm. (including figures).
Tooley (p108) : Tomb 2105. Chicago 11494. H.18.7 x W.21.2 x L.25 cms. The structure has peaked corners. The door is off centre. In the court are labourer figures out of proportion with the walls. One of these labourers probably held the small leather bag of model tools found in the model (Petrie 1924a, 10, XXXIX; Breasted 1948, 13, pl. 9d). Sequence date 2 (9 dyn.). Dated 11 dyn. to Senwosret I (see comments p. 49).
11 dyn. to Senwosret I
Ref. for dating
Tooley p. 108
Oriental Institute , Chicago
Accession number
E 11494
Breasted Classification
I-3-1-B PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Storage of Food. - Model granaries with workmen storing grain. - Wooden models of granary storehouses, usually with human figures.
Length 25 cm Width. 21.2 cm Height 18.7 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , I-3-1-B 2, Pl. 9d
Tooley-1989 , p. 108
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