Model Type
offering bearer
Mistress of ...p.92: Wood with pigment over gesso; provenance unknown, possibly from Asyut; Middle Kingdom, late Dynasty 11 or early Dynasty 12; H: 52 cm
Cincinnati Art Museum. Gift of Millard F. and Edna F. Shelt 1947.273
This tomb model illustrates the conventional female type. She strides forward with her left foot advanced, carrying a basketful of objects on her head which she steadies with her left hand and holding a bird(as usual a duck) by the wing in her pendant right-hand. She wears an elaborately decorated garment consisting of a long tight skirt supported by a single strap that crosses over her left shoulder. The painted decoration on her kilt represents a beaded over-skirt with a feather pattern and free-swinging strands that swirl over a white linen underskirt. A broad collar is suspended around her neck, and bracelets are worn on each wrist.
late Dynasty 11 or early Dynasty 12
Ref. for dating
Mistress of ..., p.92
Cincinnati Art Museum , Ohio, USA
Accession number
Height 52 cm
References (Bibliography)
Capel-etal-1996 , p. 92
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