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soldiers / archers
Breasted -- 2. Cairo Museum, 257. Company of forty bowmen: a mixed group of Egyptians of varying stature. Their average height is much lower than that of the spearmen; some of them are even much smaller than average. Several have the same bushy hair as that of the infantrymen, but others wear a wig with stepped rings, one below the other. Their dress consists of a band of leather, painted red with a white border, and decorated elsewhere by white lozenge designs; the garment is short and open in front, with a vertical strip hanging where it is open. The skin colour of these men is almost black and suggests that they are to be identified with the traditional Nubian bowmen The only military equipment carried consists of a bow and a bundle of four arrows. The latter have actual flint points. -66 Arrows are held in the right hand, bow in the left. On the march the bow is grasped almost at the lower end; thus the left elbow is bent at a right angle, while the right arm varies considerably, being sometimes at the side.
From Asyut, tomb of Mesehti. Found under same circumstances as No. 1 above. Length. 193 cm. Borchardt, Statuen, 1, Pl. 55, text, pp. 164-165; Grebaut, Le Musee Egyptien, 1, pls. XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXVI.
GlobalEgMus -- height=55 cm. width=72.3 cm. length=193 cm.
Egyptian Museum , Cairo
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Breasted Classification
VII-7-1 CONCUBINES AND OTHER GROUPS OF RETAINERS - Figures of Armed Retainers. - Marching soldiers.
Catalogue Général (CG)
Height 55 cm Width 72.3 cm Length 193 cm
References (Bibliography)
Borchardt-1930 , I, Pl. 55, text, pp. 164-165
BreastedJnr-1948 , VII-7-1 2.
Maspero-1890 , pls. XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXVI
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