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Breasted -- 2. Cairo Museum, JE-46722 (Pl. 46a). Eleventh dynasty. In this partially roofed-over carpenter shop there are at least twelve figures, most of whom are seated around the three sides of the open court. In groups the men are engaged in squaring up large beams with adzes and then planing them with flat blocks of sandstone. One beam has been lashed vertically to a post in the centre of the court, and one man is sawing it into boards. Another, who is seated on a plank, is cutting mortise holes with a mortising chisel and mallet. The chest in the centre, which resembles a coffin, contained several sets of model tools.
From Deir el Bahari, tomb of Meketre. Winlock, MMA Bull., Dec., 1920, pt. II, p. 28, fig. 14, p. 23
TT280 - Meketre
Egyptian Museum , Cairo
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Breasted Classification
III-2-2 INDUSTRIES: CRAFTSMEN AND SHOPS - Shops for Craftsmen Who Worked in Clay, Wood, Stone, and Metal. - Model carpenter shops.
Journal dentrée (JE)
References (Bibliography)
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