Model Type
farmyard? / cattle husbandry
Tooley-1989 pp. 41-42: Tomb 21 was of the HAty-a, Xrp-nsty, imy-r Hm-nTr, imn-m-HAt (Kamal 1901a, 17-32; Porter and Moss 1934, 184) associated with the rock-cut tomb 3. Much remained of the disturbed burial including ... [a] curious model consisting of 5 recumbent oxen, a tower of 3 storeys, a cloaked overseer and a crouched figure (Cairo cat. 2311. 1901a, 31, fig. 7; Hayes 1953, 255).
Kamal p. 31: Planche (long, 0 m. 79 cent. larg. , 0 m. 24 cent.) sur laquelle etaient fixes (fig. 7):
1. Une tour quadrangulaire (pigeonnier) a sommet crenele avec fenetres , grillages sur les cotes. Le bas des quatre cotes peint en noir , le haut en jaune , les fenetres en rouge et noir. Le fond des grillages est en jaune avec des filets noirs et rouges.
2. Cinq boeufs, dont trois couches.
3. Un homme assis a terre (3)
(3) E.34293
GlobalEgMus: -- A model of a farmyard is rare. Usually, a farmyard was only depicted as a wall relief among scenes of daily life.
This model farmyard has a high pigeon tower on one side and cattle lying down on the other. Two men are seated among the cattle.
A man wearing a wig is feeding a cow that has patches of colored hair on its hide. Pigeons are perched in the window of the tower. height=81 cm.
Tomb 21
Middle Kingdom
Ref. for dating
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 34293
Height 81 cm
References (Bibliography)
Kamal-1901a , Annales ASAE II, p. 31
Tooley-1989 , p. 41-2
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