Model Type
combination: baking / brewing
GlobalEgMus: -- This piece as it is demonstrated in the Egyptian gallery of the Hermitage consists of seven statuettes attached to a board. At the right, an oven for baking and a figure of a kneeling man are placed. Behind the man there is an unidentifiable rectangular object, probably a kind of box. The process of making beer of the bread baked in this oven is represented in the left part of the model, where a man is shown stirring wort in a large vessel. The role of the two male figures sitting nearby is obscure. Three sitting man in the centre do not belong to the original composition; being images of oarsmen from a model boat, they were pasted to the board by mistake or in order to inflate the price of the brewery. All the men wear knee-long garments and wigs covering their ears. The bodies are painted red, the garments are white, the wigs and eyes are white. height=18.6 cm. width=16.3 cm. length=67.5 cm.
Middle Kingdom
Ref. for dating
State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
Accession number
Height 18.6 cm Width 16.3 cm Length 67.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
Landa-etal-1974 , pl.29.
Lapis-etal-1969 , pp.54-55,, fig.27.
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