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offering bearer
Tooley p. 215: Beni Hasan? (plate 55:1). Location unknown, dimensions unknown. Female figure with feet together wearing a I-strap dress over the left shoulder and long hair parted in the centre and held at ear level by a white band. On the head is a square trapezoid basket supported by the left arm sharply bent at the elbow. The pendant right hand holds a bird by the wings. The round face is well modelled with large painted eyes, cosmetic lines and curved brows. A paper label reading 760 or 1760 can be seen. Some doubt existed in Garstang's mind when this negative (SAOS neg. B546) was included in the Beni Hasan negative volumes. The figure, of 12 dyn. type, differs entirely from all other Beni Hasan figures, therefore it is likely it does not come from that site.
12th dyn
Ref. for dating
Tooley p. 215
NK , _
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Tooley-1989 , p. 215, Pl. 55:1
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