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Quibell p.8: [this model] represents a building open on one side and with a court in front; the roof is supported by a single pillar, the cross beam, and rafters are carefully reproduced. The inner half of the shelter is divided into two storeys : in the lower are three chambers with square doors while the upper is open, with two small pillars as further support for the roof. The door, painted red, is in a corner of the yard. In the court are a series of large vases, a man behind them leaning forward, a table with beer jars, two baskets (?), two flat trays, a large vase lying on its side on a support like a barrel on trestles, a man with a yoke on his shoulder and lastly a joint of meat ... In the rooms at the back are little bits of wood, flat and of the shape of an isosceles triangle. There is further a little circular table , the leg of wood , the top of bronze , and two objects which may not form any part of this model, namely, a small ewer of cast bronze, 6 cm. high, and a basin to correspond of beaten bronze, both of them inscribed.
late 11 to early 12 dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley p.56.
Egyptian Museum , Cairo
Accession number
NB: Acc. No. from Tooley Scenes, Tooley Thesis gives 14/3/5/8
References (Bibliography)
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