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Breasted -- 3. Deir el Bahari, tomb No.5. Eleventh dynasty. Two figures of black soldiers, each carrying a shield and spear. As several other shields were also found, these figures must have been part of a group somewhat similar to No. 1 above. The shields are modelled after those of real life, with spotted black and white hide.
Naville, Eleventh Dynasty Temple, 1, p. 46. Found in burial chamber, which was occupied by a woman.
Naville p.46: a group of soldiers, were found. Of this last model, which must have been like the famous military models from Meir in the Cairo Museum, two figures of black soldiers with shield and spear, and several loose shields were recovered. The shields represent the usual wooden shields of the period, covered with black-and-white oxhide.
Deir el-Bahri
Pit 5
NK , _
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Breasted Classification
VII-7-1 CONCUBINES AND OTHER GROUPS OF RETAINERS - Figures of Armed Retainers. - Marching soldiers.
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , VII-7-1 3.
Naville-1907 , p. 46

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