Model Type
paddle doll
Breasted -- 10. New York University, W 172.3 Similar to No. 1 above[Brooklyn 5-37.105L]. Pubic triangle bounded by three straight black lines and covered with black dots filling the area of the triangle. Horizontal band above pubic area decorated with alternate black and red dots in a single line. From this band to the level of the armpits runs an alternately red and black herringbone pattern. A black necklace adorns the neck, and is tied in back. attached to the necklace in front is the red figure outlined in black, of an upright hybrid figure, which might represent the goddess, Taweret. A similar animal appears on No. 6 above. The rectangular projection at the neck may have had strings of beads attached to it, and may have had an asphalt face, if we may judge by the very similar example in the Berlin Museum, No. 7 above. The reverse side is perfectly plain, except for the necklace. Left arm missing; right arm partly preserved. It is doubtful whether the arms were much longer than the present short right arm.
New York University , New York
Accession number
W 172.3
Breasted Classification
VII-1-5 CONCUBINES AND OTHER GROUPS OF RETAINERS - Concubines. - Crude human figure without legs, cut from a broad piece of wood.
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , VII-1-5 10.

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