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dancing / dwarf
Breasted -- 2. New York, Metropolitan Museum, 34.1.130. Dancing pygmy or dwarf, which along with three other similar figures was part of a mechanical toy. This amusing little male figure is nude except for a band running diagonally from the left shoulder across the chest. The hands are palm to palm against the breast. The facial expression suggests agony, but this may be part of the dance routine. Suggestion of any sort of feeling by facial expression is quite rare in Egyptian art. The legs are partly bent, the feet together at the heels, and the knees point out toward the side.
From Lisht, south pyramid, mastaba west of Se'n-Wosret-ankh, tomb of Hepy, Pit 3, under the side. Middle of Twelfth dynasty. Height: 6.5 cm. Ivory. The other three figures are in the Cairo Museum. Lansing, MMA Bull., Nov., 1934, Section 11, fig. 31, p. 36, figs. 32 and 33, p. 37, text, p. 30-36.
Pit 3 - Hepy
Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York
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Breasted Classification
VI-2-3 ENTERTAINMENT - Dancers or Acrobats - Dancers or acrobats.
Height 6.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , VI-2-3 2.
Lansing-1934a , MMA Bull, Nov. 1934, Sec 11, fig. 31, p. 36, figs. 32,33, p. 37, text, p. 30-36
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