Model Type
offering bearer
Breasted -- 2. Paris, Musee Guimet, Eg 3070 (Pl. 55b). Lower part of basket on her head is pyramidal, the upper part square.
Provenance unknown. Early Middle Kingdom. Height. 47.5 cm.
Tooley p.208: Tomb C of pAxt-m-HAt. Louvre E20575. H.47.5 cms. Female figure in walking pose wearing a 2-strap dress and short full bottomed hair. On the head is a wide, shallow basket supported by the left arm, slightly bent at the elbow. In the pendant right hand is a small bird. The crude face has a wedge nose, slit mouth and large painted eyes with straight brows (Gayet 1902, 45, XIX; Breasted 1948, 63, p1.55b). Dated early 11 dyn. (p. 43).
Sheikh Ibada
Tomb C - pAxt-m-HAt
early MK
Ref. for dating
Tooley p.43
Musée du Louvre , Paris
Accession number
E 20575
Breasted Classification
IV-1-3-D SERVANTS CARRYING SUPPLIES FOR DECEASED, AND FUNERAL SCENES - Servants Carrying Supplies for Deceased. - Women servants singly, or in rows of two or more, bring supplies for deceased. - Eleventh dynasty.
previously (pre 1946) was Musee Guimet AccNo: Eg 3070
Height 47.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , IV-1-3-D 2, Pl. 55b
Tooley-1989 , pp. 43, 208
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