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Breasted -- 4. Cairo Museum. Although this model does not have as many arched beams as No. 1 above, it does have two such beams extending from one side of the model to the other. They may represent a barrel vault. There are five figures, all women. One stands opposite the door with her right leg raised in the attitude of spinning; a spinning whorl lies on the ground before her, and another is between her right arm and thigh. Behind her in another corner, two women sit with their backs against the wall, having before them a basin with a loop handle inside on the bottom; they must be getting thread ready for weaving. Two other girls operate a loom, probably in the same fashion as the figures in Klebs, RMR, fig. 94, p. 129. It would appear that enough pieces of the loom are preserved to make possible a rather complete reconstruction.
From Sakkara, tomb of Usermut (or Usernekhbet), and Anpuemhet. Base. 49 cm. X 31 cm. Quibell- Hayter, Teti Pyramid, North Side, pp. 42-43, Pl. XXVI, 1.
2757 - Inpw-m-HAt
11 dyn
Ref. for dating
Tooley p.55
Egyptian Museum , Cairo
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Breasted Classification
III-4-2-A INDUSTRIES: CRAFTSMEN AND SHOPS - Workers in Leather, Flax, and Papyrus. - Models of spinning and weaving scenes. - Intermediate period.
Base 49 cm x 31 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , III-4-2-A 4.
Quibell-1927 , pp. 42-43, Pl. XXVI:1
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