Burial of Nefery

Site: Beni Hasan, Tomb: BH 116


Burial of Nefery

The burial of Nefery, the physician, was in the lower chamber and was quite well preserved.

Garstang inventory list

i. Two painted and inscribed coffins of Nefery.
ii. Rowing boat of twenty oars. Figs. 57, 58.
iii. Sailing boat with thirteen figures. Fig 59
iv. Wood figure of girl with basket on head and pigeon in hand. Fig.64
      offering bearer
v. Figure of man carrying large pitcher. Fig. 64.
      offering bearer (male)
vi. Scribes writing board (36.5 cms. x 18 cms.), palette, pens and ink. Fig.65
vii. Bread-making scene, three figures. Fig.63
viii. Brewing scene, seven figures. Fig.62.
ix. Model of granary, four figures. Fig.60.
x. Group of model implements: remains of bag in which they were kept. Fig. 66.

Pottery, Types 15 (two), 25, 26. Two small dishes.